10 Clowning Street.

After coming up with plenty of ideas many of which we decided were not viable due to not being robust enough and easy to manufacture, our ideas seemed to be complex and problematic. We finally landed on the idea of the traditional children’s game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ as we thought it would be easily constructed and simple to evoke. Although we developed our idea to have a twist in order to fit with our brief of ‘circus of the senses’ we reinvented it to be ‘pin the nose on the clown’ and pushed the idea further so it could be more engaging to the public and decided to have removable faces in which the player could choose the face they wanted. After contemplating between which celebrities and animals to use we thought it would be more current to use the faces of politicians.

We all had an active role in the project as we took the job of choosing the images, editing them and printing out the large-scale clown while the first years decorated them to fit with the clown theme, we also made colourful bunting with the name of our game which unfortunately was misplaced on its journey down to Vernon st.
Once we had a clear idea we had all agreed on I felt we collaborated well as a team as we all had the same end goals although at first we found it difficult to agree on a solid idea. The running of the stall went well, although we could have done with an extra person on the first shift in order to let us explore the rest of light night but overall was a success as people were instantly engaged with our game and were more than eager to have a go.

Things that went wrong;
-the clown nose didn’t always stick first time as we had only used blue tack
-the bunting was lost due to bad organisation

Our game was pretty straight forward to understand and was entertaining to see the reaction from people of all ages as children were excited by the image of clown faces although adults recognized the politicians and found it quite humorous, I feel that less adults would have joined in if it had just been a simple game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. If we were to do it again I think we would have put more time in as a group and organised ourselves better when it came to smaller details of the nose etc.


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