Freddie Robins….I’m So Angry

“I’M SO ANGRY is one of an ongoing series of hand-knitted banners that I have been making since 2000. I make them when I feel like it, or when I have something short and sharp that I need to say. The statements that I knit reflect the way I feel about the human condition and myself. They are also a reflection of the way that I feel about knitting and the preconceptions surrounding it.
I admit it; I am an angry knitter, too. If all the angry people sat down to knit, it might not make a better world but it would certainly be a warmer one.

-Freddie Robins

I absolutely love Freddie Robins’ knitted banners, I find her bold statements very amusing and a nice contrast to the stereotypical ‘airy fairy’ hand made crafts. Would love to make my own version of these but feel I’ll need a lot more time on my hands to attempt anything like this.


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