Plan of Action

What is your action plan for the year?
What area(s) of practice(s) do you intend to develop?

I want to do more painting and drawing to produce pieces of work with a hands on approach. I intend on developing my skills in drawing from life and experimenting more with the endless possibilities and narratives of illustration. I’m hoping to do more making and crafts with knitting to begin with for Visual Literacy to explore the prospects, techniques and processes involved. I will enjoy working with a trial and error method with knitting as I am not aiming for a final piece or end-goal.

What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?
For this module I will be using a set of bamboo knitting needles in array of various sizes and thickness to experiment with different outcomes. I will practice with an assortment of yarns I,e weight, texture, colour.

Identify gaps in your knowledge?
I would like to expand my skills in craft making. To do this I will teach myself to knit, having absolutely no knowledge about this process I will be using internet blogs, You-tube, books and advice from friends to help guide me along my learning path.

What learning are you doing to support this?
For extra support in my learning I am visiting local knitting and craft shops for inspiration and advice on how to get started, I am also going to attend a knitting collective who welcome people that are advanced knitters or wanting to learn.


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