Experimental creation no.1

Owl Face



After  a short time of novice knitting I became very inspired by the work of Donna Wilson and her wacky creations, I was very eager to give ‘it ago myself and with the only swatch I had made and bits n’ bobs from around the house this is what I ended up with. I was quite pleased with my outcome for my first time indulging in craft although it was very rough around the edges. The holes are too big for a suitable stuffed toy, my stitching is unbearably messy and my choice of materials are not particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Next Step;
My next step will be to experiment with different yarns, wools, materials, and needles. I will experiment which weights and thickness will work best for my animal creations, I will continue research in books and internet tutorials and will teach myself an array of patterns to further my knowledge in knitting.


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