Month: November 2013

Group Tutorial

In my group tutorial my cushion was received very well although after discussing into more detail about the issue I wanted to raise, everyone felt that my concept seemed a bit distant from what I was creating and thought that I needed to make my cushions more drastic with harsh images on them in order to communicate a certain message. Although it’s a good idea it just felt wrong that I was spending so much time and effort into knitting a beautiful cushion for me to stick something ‘ugly’ on it. People questioned what wools I was using as I may be contradicting myself, although I hadn’t actually considered this when buying my wools as I wasn’t basing my project around this concept of animal fur/wool being used in our fashion/home industries. Also I was told that my stitching was too messy for an exhibition piece so I’m having to go and learn how to use a sewing machine. I now have to decide if I want to revert back to my original idea, proceed with this one as weak as it is or come up with something new, so close to the deadline I feel as though stress is catching up with me.


Rabbit Cushion


I wanted to make a cushion explaining my concept around my rabbit to accompany it, although after a lot of trial and error it did not quite go to plan. I wanted it to be large and clear but each time it kept coming out small and a little deformed so I didn’t bother attempting to stitch onto it as I felt it would not be a strong enough piece to be appropriate for an exhibition, so decided to scrap this idea altogether.

Revealed: The Agony Behind Angora Wool

Revealed: The Agony Behind Angora Wool

90% of Angora wool/fur is produced in China where there are no penalties for animal abuse on farms and no standards which regulate the treatment of animals, the fur is ripped violently out of their skin with no anaesthesia and are left in shock that they are unable to move. They endure this process every three months for two to five years, then their throats are then slit and they are sold for meat. Peta investigates the production of angora wool and have video evidence of abuse, I found this video extremely distressing and 100% support Petas campaign against Angora wool.