Visual Literacy Part 2


For my final exhibition piece I am going to produce a set of three small cushions, using the skills I learnt in the first part of the module I will knit my cushions using a simple knit and purl pattern.  Each cushion will represent a part of me; my family, my home of the country/seaside of Wales and my adjusting life of the city. Using different fabrics I will sew stitched illustrations of my life to the front of each cushion.

I feel I will be developing my skills from the first part as I will actually be making something out of what I have learned and am keen to produce a well-developed piece that communicates aspects of me as I have not yet worked on a personal project for quite some time.  Although I am slightly dubious when it comes to the stitching as that is a skill I am yet to master and am concerned that my piece won’t have a clean exhibition finish.

With a three week timescale I am going to aim to finish one cushion each week whilst teaching myself how to sew and stitch in a well presented manor.  For supporting research I will be looking at craft artists such as Donna Wilson and Tilleke Shwarz as well continuing my learning from books and tutorials.


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