Cultural Consumption: Visit a Museum


A day out to Bradford…



When arriving at the media museum I had no idea what to expect apart from the usual boring timelines of historical information although I was pleasantly surprised when entering the ‘Life On line’ area I thought the information and artefacts were displayed innovatively and found myself instantly engaged. It reminded me how much technology has advanced from the first computer in 1970 and brought realisation to how much the internet has impacted our world.


The Kodak gallery was inspiring for me as I feel as though I have recently neglected my love for photography, I studied the subject at A Level and started with black and white film before working digitally, over the recent years I have relied heavily on digital out of convenience and feel I have forgotten how much I admire the traditional processes involved and definitely feel inspired to incorporating it into some work or at least making time for it as a hobby.


The ‘Experience TV’ section kept us entertained for quite some time and had us running round like kids in a playground, it was exciting to have a close experience to being in a television studio, playing around with green screen and Lowz had a bash at presenting the news. I also  enjoyed seeing the evolution of the TV from the huge brown nostalgic boxes to the thin plasmas we have now.


The Gaming Lounge and Magic Factory also brought a few surprises, as a massive fan of classical games I was over joyed when arriving at this floor as it simply brought out the kid in me and brought back memories of a pix-elated childhood.

The Animation Gallery was one of my favourites as I have a genuine love for this art form, growing up watching Morph and Wallace and Gromit, it was endearing to be able to view some of the last standing sets.


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