Group Tutorial

In my group tutorial my cushion was received very well although after discussing into more detail about the issue I wanted to raise, everyone felt that my concept seemed a bit distant from what I was creating and thought that I needed to make my cushions more drastic with harsh images on them in order to communicate a certain message. Although it’s a good idea it just felt wrong that I was spending so much time and effort into knitting a beautiful cushion for me to stick something ‘ugly’ on it. People questioned what wools I was using as I may be contradicting myself, although I hadn’t actually considered this when buying my wools as I wasn’t basing my project around this concept of animal fur/wool being used in our fashion/home industries. Also I was told that my stitching was too messy for an exhibition piece so I’m having to go and learn how to use a sewing machine. I now have to decide if I want to revert back to my original idea, proceed with this one as weak as it is or come up with something new, so close to the deadline I feel as though stress is catching up with me.


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