Month: January 2014

Cultural Consumption: Discuss a Documentary

After watching Blackfish at home, we were left in absolute shock, some of my house mates found it extremely distressing, we discussed how it is morally wrong for us to take any kind of animal from its natural habitat and train it for our benefit and entertainment, and how the human race can be very selfish/cruel. Although our main topic was the utter disgust at sea world it was very fascinating to learn about the psychological behaviour of the whales as there has never been any record of a killer whale harming anyone in the wild.


Cultural Consumption: Learn a new word for 
each day for a week

Mon 13th: IMPISH adj. Mischievous. Inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun. “He approached her with an impish grin on his face.”

Tue 14th: ARDENT adj. Enthusiastic or passionate. “He is an ardent sports fan.”

Wed 15th: SERVILE adj. Having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others. “She wrote a servile letter to her upset neighbour.”

Thur 16th: COMPENDIUM n. A collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject. A collection of things, esp. one systematically gathered. “Compendium of old stories gathered by topic.”

Fri 17th: PRECOCIOUS adj. Manifesting or characterized by unusually early development or maturity, especially in mental aptitude. “A precocious child.”

Cultural Consumption: Find out the full name and profession of you Great Grandfather and Grandmother

After talking to my grandmother I discovered that she had a very distant relationship with her parents, although I did learn a little about my family history.

My great grandmother was Elizabeth Hannah Cousins (a.k.a Betty!) which is also a knick name of mine. Her maiden name was Vickers and she worked in a clothing factory before having children and becoming a full time housewife.

My great grandfather was Forbes Robson Cousins who was a ship riveter for Doorman and Long.

Dorman Long & Co., Ltd was first formed by Arthur Dorman and Albert de Laude Long in 1875 in the north east of England as ‘ steel makers, constructional engineers and bridge builders’ and went on to construct many of the most famous bridges built in the first half of the last century, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932), the Tyne Bridge (1928, UK), the Tees Newport Bridge (1934, UK) and the Omdurman Bridge (1926, Sudan).

Cultural Consumption: Find out the full name and profession of you Great Grandfather and Grandmother