Month: March 2014

Ted Lawson: Body image


“Ted combines digital technology with traditional sculpting methods to seamlessly produce conceptual objects. “His working process in an exploration into the human existential experience through imagined models of the universe as physical form.” We are particularly intrigued by his “Eve” series, featuring sculpted female bodies of different shapes and sizes, some looking overweight, others looking almost sickly.” -Juxtapoz

This piece in particular really interests me due to the realistic appearance of each model, the extreme image of difference between the underweight and overweight are shockingly sickening whilst sad-fully truthful.

Creative Conscience

I always find it difficult to make a start when there is such a vast selection of causes that need visual support, after landing on many ideas I decided I would focus on an issue that has affected me and many of the people around me. I intend on producing a series of painted illustrations based on the subject of body image, I want to convey the beauty in the variety of all body shapes, sizes, imperfections, cultures, age and gender as a way of creatively contributing to the positive change of body confidence campaigns. I will be producing work to support the campaign ‘body gossip’;

“In a culture where only a narrow cross section of bodies are deemed worthy of attention, Body Gossip empowers everybody by campaigning through Art and Education.
Our Arts Programme gives every body their say, by sharing your experiences, opinions and confessions with the help of actors and celebrities in live theatre shows and short films. If you’ve ever thought ‘I’m fed up of not being represented’, Body Gossip is the campaign for you.
Our Education Programme is giving young people the tools they need to navigate the worlds of internet, media, fashion and beauty on their own terms. We use a combination of psychology and media literacy delivered in a way that inspires teenagers to recognise their potential and the ways in which they can positively influence their environment.” –body gossip