Month: September 2014

Whats for lunch and Why it matters

This stop motion by Rachael Fry, Carter Schwarberg and Nicolas Ulloa is the style of stop motion I have been researching. I enjoy the use of real food and simple movements to narrate the story whilst conveying a serious message it still appears light hearted and enjoyable to watch. Although I am planning on hand drawing my type so it appears less refined to show a more earthy and organic element as my campaign is after all about the earth and the environment.


Lorenzo Petrantoni

Lorenzo Petrantoni has used his art to create campaigns for many prestigious brands, I particularly enjoy the decorative element of his posters while the boldness of his black and white print speaks loudly to convey a message. Explaining the journey and the amount of resources our food takes to get to our homes, its an aesthetically pleasing image whilst being informative and is a method I will be taking on board.



Food Waste Leaflet Design

Fiona Yeung has created an information pamphlet which I find really easy to understand as it breaks down a lot of information covering questions like where, what and why and also covering information about environmental concerns and the impact this issue has on water. I like her simple food illustrations as I feel they go well with the info-graphics, I feel this is a successful piece of visual communication something I am hoping to be able to achieve when I come to make info-graphics for my campaign.


Eat-Ugly-by-Harriet-Stansall1-562x793 PeachFinal_GROWTH_517

Harriet Stansall’s illustrations for her ‘eat ugly’ campaign against food waste are really simple but effective, her aim the same as mine to encourage people to embrace the uglier fruits and vegetables which are otherwise destined for landfill.

“I wanted to make a series of posters about food waste that reflect the influence of propaganda/beauty campaigns,” says Harriet. “This is a campaign to show that fruit and veg come in all shapes and sizes, and that we should look past their unfortunate looks and take pride in picking the ugly vegetables up off the supermarket shelves. In doing so, we can minimise mindless food-wasting”