Back to the drawing board…

So yet again I felt unhappy with my choice of subject for my dissertation, after setting out to write about cartoons and spend time analysing them for the different characters which mirror our society, I struggled to see myself triangulating an argument due to my decision of not focusing on a current issue. I couldn’t help but feel that my project would be more rewarding and have more depth if I was to use my artistic presence as a way of fighting for a cause and raising awareness for an issue I feel particularly passionate about. I have decided to continue with my previous essay topic of food waste and continue to progress my thoughts and ideas to make stronger statements of work in order to create a successful campaign. Focusing my campaign on the issue of appearance and why food is getting tossed in the bin if it’s not cosmetically perfect and its relation to the media and humanity’s constant pressure to look good. Why is this issue being taken as far as our fruits and vegetables when there are people going hungry? 30% of all produce is thrown away before it even reaches the supermarket simply because of its appearance. This is an issue I will be focusing on as it is such a scary statistic as I will explore why it is happening and what effect it is having on the environment.
I also want to explore the argument of freeganism and take my research to the next level by interviewing both ‘freegan’ and supermarket by doing primary research in hope to gain a better understanding of the waste situation from both sides of the richest supermarkets and the people who live off the waste. This research will be the catalyst for my campaign ‘embrace your waste’ where I intend on encouraging people to waste less including supermarket chains and restaurants as well as household waste from people like students and families who may be guilty of throwing away recyclable goods and educate


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