The Real Junk Food Project

Today I went to the pay as you feel cafe in Armley, I intend on getting stuck in with some volunteering but just went in today to have some lunch, have a look around and get a real feel for the  place. My first impressions were that absolutely any person in the community were extremely welcome, there was something satisfying about the running of it, it was hard to tell who were customers and who were volunteers but it was very comforting in the way that it almost felt like being in someone’s living room, as most people who go in for a well needed meal volunteer for a little while as their contribution.  I met some interesting characters and had a chat with some friendly faces. Adam told me that I was welcome any time and there are different areas I could get involved in, from dishes, cooking, serving and even gardening, we discussed how I could contribute my artistic skills by making some sign-age for the cafe as he said they were grateful for absolutely any contribution he told me there is going to be a mural in the back which I could also get involved in, it seemed that they didn’t need much help in their marketing as channel 4 news were there filming. It was very satisfying that the meal we ate would have otherwise ended up in landfill, I told Adam it was a great thing he was doing and he said he hoped that one day he wouldn’t have to as an anti-consumerist. There was a very wholesome sense of community and can’t wait to get stuck in!

I have made a start on some art work for them was thinking of just starting of with a simple poster which could explain more about what they do using only recycled materials.

IMG_8527 IMG_8521 IMG_8514


After seeing the abundance of food rescued from rotting in landfill my initial ideas are to demonstrate the harsh picture of real foods decomposing as a starting process for my project.

IMG_8477 IMG_8497 IMG_8485


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