I learned the hard way that being freegan wasn’t as easy as I had thought, without any guidance from people who knew how to live the lifestyle I found myself rummaging through plain old bins and with great difficulty too, the trick to being a successful freegan is knowing the right locations and the right times otherwise you’ll end up with a load of rubbish. I tried sourcing food from local independent businesses but I was fed the same old story that there was legislation against them being able to do that legally even though we know that’s not true otherwise the pay as you feel cafe wouldn’t be such a successful project. I became disheartened very quickly over what could have been an exciting project if I had been able to get a little more support. Although it was a good idea I feel there are stronger messages that can be communicated through another medium of art to raise awareness for this issue.

The Fight against food waste –Controversial Street Stickers

After research into the subject of food waste and all of the practices involved in producing and preventing it, my biggest concern is still that there is not enough public action or awareness addressing the issue, simply because not enough people are aware of the problem or consider it to be disputable at all. I want to use art as a way of stirring discussion and drawing attention to the topic, with an activist approach. I intend on producing a range of stickers containing controversial messages which I will then disperse around the city of Leeds around different food places. It makes sense to use insignificant objects such as street bins to exhibit strong messages in order to become part of the representation in communicating unsympathetic messages.

Last year we binned; 86 million chickens and everyday throw out 24million slices of bread, 5.8 million potatoes and 5.9 million glasses of milk, Richards, C. (2013) with an abundance of food people of a certain wealth no longer value it. I want to remind people of the moral implications of waste, whilst we do not hesitate to throw out a stale loaf of bread or fur coated fruits, it is imperative that we remember those who do not have access to food and whilst we continue to consume there is a large quantity of fellow beings who struggle to survive.

My aim is to highlight the facts that simply tossing out a banana has more consequences than we think, such as wasting time, energy, money, contributing to greenhouse gases and preventing someone else from eating it. Intending on making clear and bold statements, my stickers will be very simple but eye catching with bold black and white illustrations to grab the attention of the text.


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