Klaus Pichler


“Austrian artist Klaus Pichler has developed ‘one third’, a highly legible photographic commentary of the connection between the individual wastage of food and globalized food production. After learning the UN finding that one third of the world’s food supply is left to rot. A vast selection of foods are set in bouquet-like arrangements and photographed as they begin to naturally disintegrate.
Pichler captured the colourful and putrid images in a classical still-life composition, the simplicity of the black background and direct lighting, enhancing the detail and variation of colour observed in the decomposition of each product.”

Food Waste Stop Motion

My first copy still needs a lot of tweaking, I aim to include more facts to educate people on the harsh reality that the amount of food we waste in Europe is enough to feed every hungry mouth in the world twice around. I want to include helpful information to encourage people to do their bit in bringing these figures down such as planning meals, portion control, storing food properly, making the most out of your freezer, understanding use-by dates and donating unwanted food to the underprivileged and homeless shelters. I also want to include more visuals with colourful fruit and vegetables so it becomes more visually engaging.